Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Squaring up....

I have been spending a portion of my evenings cutting and basting one inch squares and they have built up....I'm rather wishing that the tin was full of chocloates, but the little squares do look very beautiful en masse.

To break up the monotony of basting and to inspire and encourage myself, I have sewn together the first 8 inch square. I have already bought a second-hand duvet cover which I will probably use as the backing sheet and border for the quilt, so I have decided that each 8 inch square will feature a few yellow 'inchies' to link in. I didn't have much yellow fabric in my stash, so it's been a nice excuse to purchase some lovely pieces of cotton.

The quilt could take a while, but there's no hurry - thankfully! I am very glad to have the octagon quilt to work on simultaneously - the 4 inch shapes seem like giants compared to these tiddlers!

Posted by Stephanie.

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