Thursday, 29 March 2012


Here are some of the images for the storyboard of the music video 'I Am The One' by Richard Petch that I am working on. Hopefully in the next week I will be beginning to make the puppets for the film. I will keep you posted on what I make!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Bag Lady....

I love flowers, I love vintage prints and I'm quite fond of a bit of purple. Imagine my delight when a few weeks ago I found a floral, purple, vintage bedspread ( we'd now refer to it as a 'throw' ) in a charity shop. I bought it and put it in my stash. Having ummed and aahed about it, I decided that a bag was a good use of the fabric - it's just so cheerful and eye-catching. And probably too rough to the touch to do much else with....

I stuck with a shape and size which works for me.

Assembled components pressed and pinned and ready for sewing.

And a few hours later, the finished item.

I am very pleased with the colour of the lining - an old pillowcase, bought on my charity shop trawl and washed and put away for that special project. I do like it when there's that piece of fabric that's 'just right' for one's needs - it justifies all the boxes of fabric I have in my possession!

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

H is for Harriet

So I've started my own little project. I would like a wall of framed artwork in my living room, and my relatives kindly donated some old frames for me to work with. But these frames are alot bigger than I am used to working so this project should be quite time consuming and take quite a while to complete!

So far I have my lovely Fox and Me&You painting, and now I am working on a large hand embroidered letter H.

I have always loved the backs of pieces of embroidery.
Using such a fine fabric allows the threads underneath show through.
I'm really happy for my progress on this so far and I can't wait till it's finished.

Harriet. x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My first post, my first skirt!

My first post! My first skirt! I finally managed to finish my prototype skirt - I began it months ago just as a small project to work on alongside my patchwork bed quilt, which I'll post photographs of at a later date. I've never made a skirt before, as simple as they are to more experienced sewers, I'm sure. As a fabric addict and print lover though, it's a must. So, I simply went right back to basics and did what seemed sensible - traced around an existing skirt of a similar style which I have in my ( bulging wardrobe ) possession and took it from there, adjusting length as necessary. I used an old duvet-cover rather than mess up and waste fabric which I had spent good money on. And here it is!

 Duvet-coverness aside, I wouldn't be ashamed to wear it - which has got to be a good sign. Having said that, I've no idea if the length is ok...I may put it on and go out feeling all stylish and carefree - and then find I cannot walk in it...but walking's very over-rated haha! It's a simple pull-on design with a drawcord through the waistband - the drawcord itself was the most time-consuming part since I made an inside-out tube and then spent ages trying to coax the thing, using a variety of long and pointy implements and finally tweezers, the right way out. I would perhaps do it differently next time. I am very pleased with the drawcord hole thing - hand-made no less! Only because I was too scared to do it on the machine...

 The ric-rac trim was for sentimental reasons - when I was about 9 years old, I had a flared green skirt which had 3 layers of ric-rac around the bottom. Ah happy days!

 Having got a few mistakes out of my system and realised better/quicker methods, I would have another go at a skirt - probably just as well because over the past months I've accrued so much fabric by saying to myself  ' That'll be perfect for a skirt '.....  Anyway - anyone who sees me wearing this item of clothing - please do tell me how lovely I look, and please forget about the fact that it used to have another life on someone's bed.
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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hello and welcome to the handmadecreatives blog!
I would like to start by giving a quick introduction of the individuals involived.

Harriet works full time as an assistant buyer but in her free time she makes and sells her very own range of greetings cards. She loves really graphical work, bold colours and a hand drawn feel.

Stephanie has a love of all things textiles, and often makes projects for her home. She enjoys crafting bags and little plushes, and working on patchwork projects.

Karen works within a school which has helped her discover her passion for photography. Her favourite technique is macro photography, however she is also an all round creative working on more illustrative pieces also.

Kaylie is a theatre designer with a real love of creating characters. She knows just how to manipulate an object to give it life and story of its own.

Debra's work has a lovely fresh and floral aspect to it, the natual world is a running theme throughout her work, even using an earthy tonal colour palette.

To know more about any of these creatives, please take a look at they're individual pages at the top of this blog!