Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Bag Lady....

I love flowers, I love vintage prints and I'm quite fond of a bit of purple. Imagine my delight when a few weeks ago I found a floral, purple, vintage bedspread ( we'd now refer to it as a 'throw' ) in a charity shop. I bought it and put it in my stash. Having ummed and aahed about it, I decided that a bag was a good use of the fabric - it's just so cheerful and eye-catching. And probably too rough to the touch to do much else with....

I stuck with a shape and size which works for me.

Assembled components pressed and pinned and ready for sewing.

And a few hours later, the finished item.

I am very pleased with the colour of the lining - an old pillowcase, bought on my charity shop trawl and washed and put away for that special project. I do like it when there's that piece of fabric that's 'just right' for one's needs - it justifies all the boxes of fabric I have in my possession!

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