Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hello and welcome to the handmadecreatives blog!
I would like to start by giving a quick introduction of the individuals involived.

Harriet works full time as an assistant buyer but in her free time she makes and sells her very own range of greetings cards. She loves really graphical work, bold colours and a hand drawn feel.

Stephanie has a love of all things textiles, and often makes projects for her home. She enjoys crafting bags and little plushes, and working on patchwork projects.

Karen works within a school which has helped her discover her passion for photography. Her favourite technique is macro photography, however she is also an all round creative working on more illustrative pieces also.

Kaylie is a theatre designer with a real love of creating characters. She knows just how to manipulate an object to give it life and story of its own.

Debra's work has a lovely fresh and floral aspect to it, the natual world is a running theme throughout her work, even using an earthy tonal colour palette.

To know more about any of these creatives, please take a look at they're individual pages at the top of this blog!

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