Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My first post, my first skirt!

My first post! My first skirt! I finally managed to finish my prototype skirt - I began it months ago just as a small project to work on alongside my patchwork bed quilt, which I'll post photographs of at a later date. I've never made a skirt before, as simple as they are to more experienced sewers, I'm sure. As a fabric addict and print lover though, it's a must. So, I simply went right back to basics and did what seemed sensible - traced around an existing skirt of a similar style which I have in my ( bulging wardrobe ) possession and took it from there, adjusting length as necessary. I used an old duvet-cover rather than mess up and waste fabric which I had spent good money on. And here it is!

 Duvet-coverness aside, I wouldn't be ashamed to wear it - which has got to be a good sign. Having said that, I've no idea if the length is ok...I may put it on and go out feeling all stylish and carefree - and then find I cannot walk in it...but walking's very over-rated haha! It's a simple pull-on design with a drawcord through the waistband - the drawcord itself was the most time-consuming part since I made an inside-out tube and then spent ages trying to coax the thing, using a variety of long and pointy implements and finally tweezers, the right way out. I would perhaps do it differently next time. I am very pleased with the drawcord hole thing - hand-made no less! Only because I was too scared to do it on the machine...

 The ric-rac trim was for sentimental reasons - when I was about 9 years old, I had a flared green skirt which had 3 layers of ric-rac around the bottom. Ah happy days!

 Having got a few mistakes out of my system and realised better/quicker methods, I would have another go at a skirt - probably just as well because over the past months I've accrued so much fabric by saying to myself  ' That'll be perfect for a skirt '.....  Anyway - anyone who sees me wearing this item of clothing - please do tell me how lovely I look, and please forget about the fact that it used to have another life on someone's bed.
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