Saturday, 19 May 2012

Moonlight and Dreamtime by Karen Fox

 This glass fusion was created by firstly laying a sheet of aluminium foil on a piece of glass cut to 20cm x20cm. I then used copper foil, glaze, coloured glass and more aluminium foil to form the moon shape.
I then covered this with another piece of glass before firing in the kiln.

I was please with the result, unfortunately the glass did crack a little but I don't think it has taken anything away from the overall finished design.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Small squares update

I have been enjoying the progress on my one-inch square patchwork project and thought I would share where I am up to. I sewed together 6 of the 8 inch squares ( manageable chunks ) and am delighted with how it looks so far. The piece is very intense and so pretty. I am doubtful now as to whether it will be used as a quilt - it seems far more attractive an idea to have it as one of those ' hang on the wall ' pieces of which I am very fond. I love the colours....everything - however disparate it initially seems - just goes together.

The piece as you see it is currently 24 x 16 inches ( 60 x 40cm ).

If I'm sat sewing on the floor I tend to work from a box or lid which I can easily shift around - here's Nutmeg taking advantage of a different place to sit!

Posted by Stephanie.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Moonlight and Dreamtime, Kaylie Joy Black's Experiment.

I decided I wanted to try and create a dream like atmosphere which could be used as a background for a shadow puppetry performance. So I experimented with an OHP projector and acetate and finally came around the idea of using inks and water. The end effect, I feel, looks like a storm developing. I really enjoyed playing with this and think the end result is actually better than I expected!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Moonlight and dreamtime by harrietalicefox

 I loved the idea of this project-getting to create my own moon.
I knew I wanted to embroider straight away, so I started by routing through my fabric boxes.
 I found a piece of white felt, a really pale blue for the background and some old waistcoat fabric in an icy blue shade, then began stitching.

 There are quite alot of stitches on this piece-and I have appliqued some 'tattin' (the looping lace) my grandmother makes. I really like how it has turned out, some really nice hidden parts if you look close. 
It's not finished however-I would really like to fill it with stitches so this will be an ongoing project for me.

Hope you all like it. : )
Harriet x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Moonlight and Dreamtime - Stephanie's interpretation.

For April's project my inspiration came from Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' philosophy, a term which describes key aspects of Aboriginal creation and spirituality. This led beautifully into thoughts about their native paintings consisting entirely or largely of coloured dots. For the Moonlight aspect, I chose to work with an inky blue and silver/white colour and very much wanted to have an aspect of reflected moonlight - in this case, onto mountains.
An embroidered piece consisting of French Knots seemed an ideal medium for my expression of this theme. I worked with a dark blue cotton background and embroidery silks in a limited palette.

Work in progress....

Quite a few hours ( and some dodgy knots and wonky lines! ) later, the piece is released from its hoops and pressed. It is approx. 9 x 7 inches ( 22 x 17.5cm ).

In detail