Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Moonlight and Dreamtime - Stephanie's interpretation.

For April's project my inspiration came from Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' philosophy, a term which describes key aspects of Aboriginal creation and spirituality. This led beautifully into thoughts about their native paintings consisting entirely or largely of coloured dots. For the Moonlight aspect, I chose to work with an inky blue and silver/white colour and very much wanted to have an aspect of reflected moonlight - in this case, onto mountains.
An embroidered piece consisting of French Knots seemed an ideal medium for my expression of this theme. I worked with a dark blue cotton background and embroidery silks in a limited palette.

Work in progress....

Quite a few hours ( and some dodgy knots and wonky lines! ) later, the piece is released from its hoops and pressed. It is approx. 9 x 7 inches ( 22 x 17.5cm ).

In detail

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  1. Stephanie-Master of the french knot! :)
    Think I've got the comments to work now.
    Harriet. x