Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Small squares update

I have been enjoying the progress on my one-inch square patchwork project and thought I would share where I am up to. I sewed together 6 of the 8 inch squares ( manageable chunks ) and am delighted with how it looks so far. The piece is very intense and so pretty. I am doubtful now as to whether it will be used as a quilt - it seems far more attractive an idea to have it as one of those ' hang on the wall ' pieces of which I am very fond. I love the colours....everything - however disparate it initially seems - just goes together.

The piece as you see it is currently 24 x 16 inches ( 60 x 40cm ).

If I'm sat sewing on the floor I tend to work from a box or lid which I can easily shift around - here's Nutmeg taking advantage of a different place to sit!

Posted by Stephanie.

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