Thursday, 3 May 2012

Moonlight and dreamtime by harrietalicefox

 I loved the idea of this project-getting to create my own moon.
I knew I wanted to embroider straight away, so I started by routing through my fabric boxes.
 I found a piece of white felt, a really pale blue for the background and some old waistcoat fabric in an icy blue shade, then began stitching.

 There are quite alot of stitches on this piece-and I have appliqued some 'tattin' (the looping lace) my grandmother makes. I really like how it has turned out, some really nice hidden parts if you look close. 
It's not finished however-I would really like to fill it with stitches so this will be an ongoing project for me.

Hope you all like it. : )
Harriet x

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