Monday, 30 April 2012

Little Men

Here is a sneak peek at the first two puppets for the music video for 'The One' which I am currently working on.
When I was making these little fella's, I wasn't happy with them at all. But as soon as the light shone through them, they looked just as I had imagined. I'm really happy with the stained glass look which I have managed to create.

Now I just need five little followers...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

This one is for you Harriet...

Moby is having an affect on all of us! 

I have recently been on holiday and always take with me a pad, pastels and a small box of watercolours. I love drawing and painting but struggle to find the time at home. This pastel drawing of Moby was done whilst at the beach, quite a nice place to work really. 

by Karen

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Squaring up....

I have been spending a portion of my evenings cutting and basting one inch squares and they have built up....I'm rather wishing that the tin was full of chocloates, but the little squares do look very beautiful en masse.

To break up the monotony of basting and to inspire and encourage myself, I have sewn together the first 8 inch square. I have already bought a second-hand duvet cover which I will probably use as the backing sheet and border for the quilt, so I have decided that each 8 inch square will feature a few yellow 'inchies' to link in. I didn't have much yellow fabric in my stash, so it's been a nice excuse to purchase some lovely pieces of cotton.

The quilt could take a while, but there's no hurry - thankfully! I am very glad to have the octagon quilt to work on simultaneously - the 4 inch shapes seem like giants compared to these tiddlers!

Posted by Stephanie.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Moonlight and Dreamtime

So it's well and truely April now, and with it we have begun our first monthly project.
Our projects will run each month having decided on a theme the previous month.
Our first theme is Moonlight and Dreamtime. Anything goes so lets get creative!

by Harriet

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Two patchwork pieces.

I have recently started work on two patchwork projects, both destined to be quilts. The first is to be a Christmas present for a very special friend M. She was the first friend I made when I moved to Leeds and has been so kind and generous to me over the years and I really want to give her something special to show my love and appreciation.

The quilt is to be a lap quilt approx. 4ft square and it is going to be a Snowball design made up of 12 sets of octagons in 12 different colours/patterns. The octagons are approx. 10cm across. The small squares which will sit between the octagons are to be deep blue. It can be quite difficult to decide upon colours for someone else....but M loves delphiniums and so this was my starting point, along with some Oriental gilded fabric. All the pieces are pressed and cut and I have basted half of what I need so far. Here are my colour choices.

My second piece of work is much more is going to be a quilt made up of 1 inch squares. My scrap-bag was positively bulging and I do hate to waste fabric, so this seemed like an obvious choice. Made up of mainly florals ( of which I own very many ) along with a few subtle patterns and abstracts. Any colour goes and no size in mind, just see how I feel and what feels right. I will probably sew together 12 inch squares and then put these together to determine the finished piece.

Fabric scraps ready for ironing....

And some time later, beautiful little squares emerge....I may be some time!

Posted by Stephanie.