Thursday, 4 October 2012

Snowball quilt nears completion.

This week I finally finished the bulk of the snowball quilt for M. It's a great relief to have reached this point as it was quite awkward to stitch. After having a few doubts about certain fabrics and if they went together as an entirety, I see the piece now and absolutely love it. When I was putting colours together I didn't realise just how 'marine' it was, but this is my over-riding impression now - perhaps hardly surprising from a water-lover.

I am now intending to have a small break from the work, after which I shall square off the edges and that will be the patchwork finished. I have basted my triangles to sew along the sides, and this is the cotton I have chosen to use...

It's a lovely feeling to be able to make something so special for a wonderful friend. She really has no idea about this and will be gobsmacked when she opens it on Christmas Day!
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