Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blue and white patchwork quilt - progress.

I started a quilt last year and made fairly good progress at piecing together the blocks...and then I came to a standstill. Since Christmas I haven't really been in the mood for sewing and most of my projects have sat in boxes waiting for attention. Now, with the advent of Spring and the lighter nights I have felt inspired again and determined to get my many sewing projects moving forward.

This week I finally finished piecing together the blocks for this quilt. I love blue and white together and I allowed myself a little bit of pink in this one as well. It was a lovely feeling to reach this stage and lay them out according to how they're likely to be stitched together.

And here's Lily deciding whether to do a spot of re-arranging.....

Posted by Stephanie.

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  1. Hi... I found you because your blog has a name similar to my blog!
    Do you want to visit it?

    Your work ar so cute!