Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Favourite Book by Stephanie

For this project, I chose Wuthering heights by Emily Bronte, a novel I studied years ago for 'A' Level English Literature, and which has had a hold over me since.
It is an incredibly complex, multi-layered book full of passions and high emotions, yet frustrations and sterility. What I love most though is the importance of nature within the novel and the centrality it has to much of the action and characters. Paramount to this of course are the moors - wild, bleak, and the root of the bond between Catherine and Heathcliff.
It was the moorland which I decided to use as a guide for my piece of work and so I created a textile landscape. I did not want a lush, green portrayal, but rather a more earthy, limited colour range to try to capture some of the bleakness of the place. I wanted the sky to be a foreboding, intense one, and quite heavy in feel.

 I used felt, wool, cottons, ribbons, lace and a variety of threads to build up layers and blocks.

 I deliberately left ragged edges to fabrics and I wanted the stitches to be visible and a central part of the piece.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of the piece. I love the colours and the textures.

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