Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dawn and Birds by Kaylie Joy Black

I have been really busy this month with many different pieces of work. Therefore, I have yet to finish this piece.

I decided I have done any sort of painting for a really long time. I thought that dawn and birds is a great excuse to get my paints out! The colours and shapes made from this inspiration is perfect for my style of mixed media painting.

I began by just throwing paint onto the canvas, the quicker the white disappears, the better! I have then added string, fabric and card to add textures within the painting.

After this, I have scraped away some of the paint to once again reveal the white underneath. I was trying to get the effect of rays of light being caught on trees.

I have really enjoyed making this and so I can see it becoming a very big piece of work.
Be patient and it may end up pretty good!

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