Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dawn by Kaylie Joy Black

I have finally been able to finish this piece of work. It has taken me longer than expected but I have definitely enjoyed the process I have gone through to make this piece of work.

I was trying to capture the moment when beams of light come through the trees in the morning.

I started by covering the wood in white emulsion. I then used different 'leaf' colours to cover the base of the picture. I then added different papers, card and fabric in tree patterns to try and give the piece some depth and texture. I then left the piece for a few days, the paint then started to crack. Although this was unintentional, I really like the effect it has had on the painting. It reminds me of bark. I then used a pencil to draw and shade the final tree shape and surrounded the pencil drawing with white paint to try and get the glow of the light beams.

I am really happy about the way that this piece has turned out and it has really got me thinking about painting again.

I hope you enjoy it.

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