Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A quilt is born! By Stephanie

After working on this snowball quilt for half of the year, it is finally finished and I shall be handing it over to my friend this Friday. I'm hoping it will be her favourite Christmas present!
I have previously posted photographs and progress updates, so it's lovely to now show off the finished piece. I love the navy blue sheet which forms the back and border. I didn't trust myself to manage a neat job on the machine, so I hand-stitched the borders and corners and I think it looks ok.

Here goes....

It's always a bit strange to spend so much time on a project and then give it away - but this is being given to the first friend I made when I moved to Leeds and she's very special to me. It was a pleasure to make this for her and love went into every stitch.
Posted by Stephanie.

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