Thursday, 3 January 2013

Post - Christmas post. By Stephanie

With Christmas now out of the way and gifts unveiled, I thought that I could now safely share a couple of the things I made without giving away any secrets!
For my friend Rosie I made a cushion cover - a simple envelope opening at the rear and made using lovely ditsy-print cottons. I made up a hexagon pattern and stitched it onto the cover with invisible thread. I've never made a cushion cover before but it is definitely something I will make again.

For my friend Kath I ran with the Leeds Rhinos theme, which never fails with such an ardent fan! I made up a large tote bag and embellished it with a blue and yellow block called the Patchwork of the Crosses, which was new to me. It is an extremely effective block and I would love to make a quilt consisting entirely of the pattern but it was fairly time-consuming, so I doubt that a larger-scale piece will ever materialise.

Just as a daft gift, I also knit this hot water bottle cover. I like the challenge of thinking up gifts I can create in blue and yellow!

Posted by Stephanie.

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