Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kaleidoscope by Stephanie

Having been enjoying my patchwork projects recently, I decided that I'd set myself the challenge of using this method to come up a piece of work for June's Kaleidoscope theme. Hexagons seemed an ideal shape - but I also wanted to divide them in some way to use as much colour as possible.
Dividing each shape into 12 seemed attractive but was quite challenging. The only criteria I set was that each hexagon should be made up of a dark and lighter shade and have a plain centre. I used 7 hexagonal shapes of approx. 8.5in./21cm across.

Hexagons tacked and ready to have their centres sewn in.... 

The overall piece is finished. A loose running stitch has been used around the outer edges to neaten them up for the photoshoot!

 I particularly wanted the photographic shot of the work to be part of the project - ie. I wanted to try and catch the light so that the folded fabric at the rear of the work would create an effect of light and shade...

 ...and a close-up taken without the flash achieves this quite well. I love the stained glass effect.


I particularly enjoyed this project - enough to think about adding to it and creating something larger. I had toyed with the idea of enlarging it and creating another quilt....but having seen the effect of light coming through the fabric, I'm now speculating about a window hanging or blind/screen of some kind.

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  1. I love this stephanie-maybe I should use this method to finish my stained glass effect window.