Thursday, 12 July 2012

New ways with wadding...

During a recent hot spell I took quite a lot of photographs, mainly of flowers and insects - my favourite subjects. I got to thinking just how dull the camera case was and wondered if I could make something to house my camera which would be protective and functional, yet more attractive than the imitation leather case I had been carrying around.
I have quite a lot of pieces of wadding left over from quilt-making and I decided to use these as a padding in the case.

Despite having an abundance of cotton floral prints, I bought a piece of fabric specifically for the project. Here, wadding is cut to 3 layers for each side of the case, and then the fabric is sewn to size.

 I sewed the longer seams on the machine but hand-stitched the case into shape. I decided against a velcro fastening because it seemed quite industrial. The organza ribbon suits the prettiness of the fabric and makes the case more feminine, I think. As a prototype I'm pleased with the result - enough to think about tweaking/improving the design or simply going crazy with all the gorgeous fabrics available!!

Posted by Stephanie.

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